The schools shortlisted for Quantified Cities Movement for Disaster Risk Reduction (QCM-DRR)

The QCM-DRR project has been created in order to train adolescent and youth (school children) in collecting data on indicators of disaster risk reduction and resilience in Pune city. The indicators for the same will be collected at the neighbourhood level, focusing on participation for localized action for urban DRR planning and resilience building, creating transparency in the process of planning, and monitoring the progress of implementation to ensure positive changes in Disaster Risk Reduction and Urban Resilience for the purpose of the pilot action research study for QCM-DRR.

Pune city boasts more than 700 schools. These schools come under various boards such as ICSE, SSE, IB and CBSE and are split between private and public schools. Each school has a varied number of students and teachers and are spread all over Pune city. CDSA has enabled more than 5000 students from 30 schools for the first year of the project. These 30 schools are chosen from more than 700 by a random sampling scheme.

We have classified schools based on their board of education, their location in the city and their student population and have shortlisted 30 from the total number of schools in the city.

The map below shows the 30 schools participated in the programme year 1.